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Gentle, malty, nutty and sometimes salty with an oiliness that blends well with a fresh sweetness.

Built in 1881 in an otherwise desolate area of Islay, the small village of Bunnahabhain (pronounced boon-a-hav-en) grew up to serve the new distillery. It is unusual for an Islay malt, being lightly peated in contrast to its fiery Southerly neighbours.

A big contributor to Cutty Sark, Black Bottle and The Famous Grouse, Bunnahabhain is only available from the distillery as a 12 year old, although limited edition bottlings are also available from time to time. Burn Stewart purchased the Distillery from The Edrington Group in April 2003, and have been relatively quiet about their plans but the hope is that there will be more releases from this lovely distillery. Certainly some of the aged vintages brought out have been well received.