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The Auld Alliance

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Rob Roy

Given the nickname 'Ruadh' / 'Roy' because of his wild red hair. His Clan were both Protestant and Jacobite. At 18 he took part in the battle of Killiecrankie where Jacobites under the command of Viscount Dundee opposed the replacement of their Stuart King with William of Orange. Like many Highlanders bordering the Lowlands he then became involved in protection for payment of 'blackmail'. His mother and wife were both Campbells so when the name Macgregor became banned he used the name Campbell.

By 1710 he had acquired various properties and prospered as a cattle dealer. However in 1711 he borrowed heavily from the Duke of Montrose but one of his trusted associates disappeared with the money! A warrant for Rob Roy's arrest was issued, he lost his lands and became an outlaw. His family fell on hard times. His distant relation, the Campbell Duke of Argyll, gave him refuge and actively encouraged him to raid and steal from their common enemy the Duke of Montrose.

In the 1715 he initially fought on the Jacobite side and his Macgregors raided the lands around Loch Lomond. However his benefactor the Duke of Argyll had chosen the Government side and Rob Roy with mixed allegiances was forced to miss the Battle of Sheriffmuir. Even so he became a marked man with High Treason charges over his head. He was hunted for almost 10 years and escaped capture on several occasions. In 1725 he surrendered to General Wade, the great builder of roads in the Highlands. Rob Roy narrowly missed transportation to the colonies and was pardoned to end his days at Balquhidder. Towards the end Rob Roy converted to Catholicism.

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